Our Company ...

For Over 22 Years, WSI has been an Industry Leader in the Energy, Media, Government, and Aviation Markets.

Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, WSI Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Landmark Communications family of companies, which includes such companies as the Weather Channel and weather.com.

WSI provides timely, accurate, quality controlled weather data and analysis tools for mission critical operations in the Energy, Aviation, Government, and Media markets. We pride ourselves on delivering client specific relevant decision-making information.

In 1978, WSI became the first private company to computerize raw weather data and package it into customized formats. Over the past 22 years, WSI has expanded upon this core competency to deliver state-of-the-art systems and value-added decision making information that are unequaled in the industry.

First in the Industry

Among other notable industry innovations, WSI has been first with a steady stream of "firsts", including:

Developing a national US radar mosaic that is updated every five minutes
Creating value-added charts from raw computer model data
Offering the marketplace the first colorized international satellite imagery
Developing the first digital satellite network for briefing pilots
Providing the first complete, up-to-the-minute, fully-produced weather shows to television stations
Developing a professional systems-level product to track hurricanes and typhoons
First private weather company to run its own seasonal forecast model for operational use

Our Employees
Nearly forty percent of WSI's 250 employees are degreed meteorologists. Many have additional training in computer graphics, animation and system design. All are committed to producing and distributing the most accurate, meteorologically sound weather information possible, and to designing the most advanced systems for digesting and displaying that information.